J-Light & Jabadoo was established in 2006 and has its origin in the commercial lighting industry. Our team has been making professional lighting fixtures since 1989 and started production in China in 1996.

J-light has always been passionate about creating modern and innovative solutions for the retail industry as well as for the private sector.

In 2006, Jabadoo started developing High end HIFI products with the main purpose of simplifying the installation of speakers and lighting in one.

Our experience with Led lighting and Hi-Fi has been improved continuously as the retail marked has moved into a more sustainable and green environment.

Today J-light can offer our clients both an effective, innovative and economical solution with low power consumption. We make every effort in ensuring that our brands are as reliable and safe as possible.
J-Light cooperates with some of the largest and most trustworthy agencies in the world when it comes to certifications.

Our entire product range has been CE approved and follows all necessary safety requirements.

For any questions or special inquiries your always welcome to contact us at sales@jlight.eu