JL-W Wi-Fi Track speaker

The JL-W Wifi track speaker makes it possible to get wireless music throughout the Store without the use of any wires, simply connect the speakers you need along with you light in the 3 or 1 F lighting track.

You can even connect it to a backplate and install it directly on the ceiling. After installment there is the possibility to either use the App to control all speakers or the streaming box for connection to TV, or any other music source.


  • Input power: 100-240V
  • Connection: 3 phase, 1 Phase adaptor or back plate
  • Power: 20W RMS
  • Apps available on google play or App store: Audiocast, Tibo….
  • Stream you own music with, Spotify, Pandora, internet radio through the App
  • Multiroom: Connect up to 10 speakers to one router
  • Range 50M from router
  • Connect system through App or with WPS button on speaker
  • Optional streaming box for connection to Jack plug or
  • RF plug through TV,radio or central music system.
  • Pairing button on streaming box to synchronise speakers
  •  Volume button on streaming box
  • Size 150mm x150mm
  • Weight: 1 Kg